At J.W. Chatam & Associates, our primary specialty is real estate tax
and personal property tax appeal work.  As a result of our extensive
research we are able to offer additional services of value to property
owners.  We realize that each client is different, so we refine our
services and reports to best fit your needs. You may choose to utilize
any or all of the services we offer here:
Property taxes are most often the single largest operating expenses for commercial real estate.  The
burden is certain to increase as the reliance of local governments on property taxes continues to grow at
surprising rates.  In addition, businesses today are faced with county-wide reassessments, overly
aggressive taxing authorities, complex state and local tax laws and new government mandates, all of
which can result in your business facing undue and excessive tax liability.  Many businesses are simply
unable to control real estate taxes due to staffing limitations or due to the lack of local expertise required
in multiple taxing jurisdictions spread out across the globe.

J.W. Chatam & Associates provides you with a solution to these growing problems by offering a
comprehensive property tax consulting program.  Successfully challenging real estate assessments and
personal property assessments from overly aggressive taxing authorities can lead to a significant
decrease in operating expenses.  J.W. Chatam & Associates will effectively reduce problem
assessments and make certain future county value estimates stay at the reduced level.  Therefore,
producing long-term relief for you, our client.  With our widespread experience and expertise you are
assured that your appeals are handled professionally and successfully.