J. W. Chatam & Associates Inc.
Real Estate Appraisers & Ad Valorem Consultants
  • J.W. Chatam & Associates is a leader in the ad valorem tax
    consulting industry. We have pioneered several valuation
    techniques that are now widely used by many taxing
    jurisdictions across the country.

  • Another factor that sets our firm apart is the commitment of
    our associates.

  • In today’s world, attitude and spirit make a great difference in
    people. J.W. Chatam & Associates is a corporation made up
    of highly driven achievers. We are enthusiastic and eager to
    deal with your property tax problems and issues.

  • We are absolutely certain J.W. Chatam & Associates can
    have a significant impact on your ad valorem tax situation.
    Give J.W. Chatam & Associates a call today to arrange a
    conference with our President. You will not be disappointed -
J.W. Chatam & Associates provides comprehensive real estate and personal
property tax consulting services.  We currently offer services throughout North
America, South America and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
Leaders in the Tax Consulting Industry
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