Personal Property Tax Services
  • Preparation And Filing of All
    Personal Property Renditions

  • Audit and Appeal of Proposed
    Personal Property

  • Final Approval of Personal
    Property Tax Bills
J. W. Chatam & Associates
Provides The Following Personal
Property Tax Services:
J.W. Chatam & Associates prepare and file all commercial personal property renditions.  Any questions
the local taxing authority may have regarding the personal property renditions are handled by J.W. Chatam
& Associates.

J.W. Chatam & Associates reviews the county’s final personal property assessment figures to verify the
appropriate economic life has been applied to each item.  Upon completion of our review we advise you of
any problems and provide you our appeal recommendations.

J.W. Chatam & Associates handles all personal property tax appeals.  We complete appraisals, retain
legal counsel and coordinate all appeal efforts.  Once a reasonable resolution is reached, we contact you
for final approval.